Technology Services

Our experience team of IT professionals is capable of providing solutions in various IT domains. Our ability to adapt new technology and use it to optimum level earned us ‘Tech –expert’ ratings. Few of our working domains are Java, .net, Joomla, Android.  Apart from our key service domain we are capable of delivering projects in technology demanded by our client.



PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Affiliate Network has a highly experienced and Expertise PHP Team which gives its 100% contribution to development of CENTRAL INDIA in Current IT Growth. Affiliate Network is having a decade of experience in PHP solutions developments. It uses PHP-MySQL or P-PostgreSQL for development of dynamic database driven website for variety of applications like CMS, DMS, KMS, CRM, ERP, Project management and e-Commerce portals. Benefits of using PHP development technology: -

  • Low development, execution and code debugging cost.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, UNIX and any other server platform to provide application hosting flexibility.
  • Reduce Development Efforts.
  • Resource availability for enhancements in future.
  • CMS (Drupal, Joomla, Affiliate Custom CMS)
  • E-Commerce (Oscommerce, ZenCart,PHPPROBID)
  • Frameworks (Smarty, Cake,Codeigniter, Zend, Media Wiki,Symfony)
  • Community Portal (Dolphin, PhpFox,HandShake)
  • Open-Realty/ OpenX/ WHOIS
  • Magento
  • CRM (vTiger CRM, Sugar CRM)
  • Widget Development (Opera, SOAP,
  • XML, RPC, Jquery, Prototype)

Platform                                :  Windows / Linux

Database expertise               :  MySql 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.1

Web Support                         :  XML, SOAP, REST

Frameworks                          :  Cakephp, Zend, Codeigniter, Symphony, PHPMaker,

AJAX Framework                   :  GWT(Google Web Toolkit), Jquery, Prototype,
                                                   BackBase, Ext JS, MooTools, xajax, xaja, Sajax

IDE                                        :  Eclipse, NetBeans, PHPEdit, ZEND

Web/Application Server         :  Apache, IIS, zeus


This Object Oriented Programming based language is known by its robustness, security, portability and high performance. Architecture Neutral and Portability gives it immense power and makes it popular among other technologies.

Affiliate Network has proven software development methodology and architectural best practices in building high-performance, cross-platform java based solutions which is enhance productivity of client organization.

  • J2ME
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Swing/ Applet
  • JIRA
  • J2EE
  • Spring
  • SOA
  • JK

Affiliate Network has the expertise in all Java domains to serve the client requirements.

  • J2SE : Having wide library of utility software's, chat clients, system services, security systems.
  • J2EE : Scalable Enterprise solutions, Ecommerce solutions etc.
  • J2ME: large suite of products i.e. Mobile utility software's, Enterprise applications, location based service as well.

Apart from above, Affiliate Network has proven capability in Blackberry and Android application development as part of java implementation.

Why Choose Affiliate Network Java Team:

  • Enhance quality of applications, development processes and tools.
  • Strengthen ability to meet service-level commitments.
  • Domain expertise.
  • Best practices, methodology, patterns and frameworks.
  • Dedicated team to serve client needs

Service we offer:

  • Custom software development as per client requirement.
  • Java Web-Application Development. (Struts, Spring,Hibernate,AJAX).
  • Distributed J2SE/JEE Application Development.
  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Java Product Development Solutions
    • New Product Design and Development.
    • Features Enhancement.
    • Product platform Migration.
    • Software product Testing.
    • Software product Maintenance and support.
    • Product release and License management.

Platform                               :  Windows / Linux / MacOSx

Core Technologies                :  Swing, Applet, JMF 1.2e, Socket Programming

Database expertise               :  MySql 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.1

J2EE Technologies               :  JSP 2.1, Servlets 2.4, JDBC, Apache Struts, Sprin Hibernate,  

                                                      Apache Axis, Konakart

Web Support                         :  XML,SOAP,REST

RIA Framework                      :  Flex 2.0

Frameworks                           :  Struts 1.2, JSF 1.1, Hibernate 3.0

AJAX Framework                    :  GWT(Google Web Toolkit),ZK

IDE                                         :   Eclipse, Netbeans

Web / Application Server        :  Tomcat 6.x,JBOSS 5.x GA, Glassfish

J2ME Technology                  :  CLDC 1.0/1.1, MIDP 1.0/2.0

J2ME Platforms                      :  RIM Blackberry,Android

Ruby on Rails

ROR (Ruby on Rails)

Affiliate Network believes in running with the time and adopting latest trend in terms of technology. One of the latest addition in the crown is ROR (ruby on rails). Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework coded in Ruby that follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Ruby is an object oriented scripting language. Rails are a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework based on Ruby and used for developing web applications.

The Rails framework supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases. Ruby on Rails development comes with features such as Model View Controller architecture that separates data from logic i.e. presentation layer and helps in organizing application program. RoR database access library simplifies data handling.

Ruby on Rails also allows faster web development than PHP or some other technologies that are available. ROR includes advanced application development paradigms like DRY (Do not Repeat yourself) and Convention over configuration. Ruby is a highly developer friendly, reflective and object oriented language with features inspired from PERL, Python, Small talk, Lisp. The flexibility makes Ruby on Rails a perfect recipe for e-commerce development, Content management, Ecommerce, collaboration and online social communities.

  • Paperclip
  • PayPalSDK
  • Ultrasphinx
  • Attachment_fu
  • Radiant
  • Geokit-rails
  • Railroad

Benefits of Ruby on Rails include: -

  • Rails works well with various web servers and databases as it is really easy to deploy web solutions using Rails.
  • With Ruby on Rails work is done faster otherwise before web applications which were using languages such as PHP, Java, ASP, could take ages to complete and in the end you may just have a large stack of unmentionable codes.
  • Rails provide fast and easy development with quality results.
  • With Ruby programming language you need to write few lines of code in comparison to other programming language to reach the same result.
  • The Ruby on rails framework software also supports MySQL, SQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.
  • ROR CMS provides very flexible solutions, final output depends on user choice no pre-format is mandatory, image cropping, resizing, multi-language support, excellent usability, sort able tree-based admin interface, layout editor, scaffold template is created.

Rails applications are Tailor made to perfection for an individual or an enterprise and best fit for all kind of web application. Rails architecture is used and most preferred for development of cms, e-commerce, portals, collaboration and community.

Microsoft technology

microsoft .net

We are working in Microsoft .NET technology since 2006. We have extensive experience in .NET Development Technologies like,, Silver light, Share Point, Dot Net Nuke,   Net BI Solutions and C#. With our early adaption and extensive experience, Affiliate Network is an ideal partner to develop web applications as well as desktop applications using .NET Technologies.

Our experienced development team uses technologies like, C#, XML, Win Forms, web services and SQL Server database to create powerful applications as per your requirements and budget.

Affiliate Network offers following Services in .NET:

  • Microsoft .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
  • Migration web based and stand alone applications to .NET
  • Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise application development and integration services
  • SOA/Sass applications based on .NET development
  • Development, Support and Enhancement of existing application in .NET
  • Re-engineering, Support and Maintenance of existing application in .NET
  • Saving time and money by cutting development time with use of best .NET solutions for Clients

Our Microsoft Technology Expertise:

.NET UI                                    :  Visual C++.NET, Visual C#.Net, and Visual Basic .NET, Silver Lig

                                                     3.0,  Ajax Controls

Operating Systems                :  Windows XP, Windows CE, Windows Server 2003/2008

Development Technologies   :  Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2008/2010, Microsoft® ASP.NET

       2.0, LINQ, Custom Application Framework

Server Technologies              :  MS SharePoint Server 2007/2010, MS Dynamic CRM and 

                                                       Documented, MS BizTalk® Server 2006/2009

Messaging                              :  MS Messaging Queue (MSMQ 3.0)

XML                                        :  XML Schema, SOX, RELAX, XSD, XHTML, XPATH, SOAP, WM 

                                                      XML-RPC, WSDL, WSML, VoiceXML, MSXML, UDDI, SAX, DOM

Methodologies                        :  UML, Design Patterns, OOAD/OOP

Documentation                       :  NDoc, VBX commenter, ASP C# API Documenting tools

Other Products                       :  MS Project, MS Visio Architect and MS-Office 2003, MS Exchange

                      Server, Yukon, Share Point Designer 2007, DotNetNuke

Embedded Technology           :  .NET Compact Framework, Pocket PC, Windows CE for Windows

                                                      Mobile Development.

Microsoft sharepoint

Affiliate Network offers expertise for designing, deploying and managing projects based on Microsoft SharePoint platform. Affiliate Network Microsoft SharePoint Team also provides a complete cycle of end-to-end consulting from planning to design to implementation of SharePoint Solutions. Our experts help to define & analyze your application requirements, guide you through the techniques of integrating your business requirements and execute it over a well set plan.

Affiliate Network offers you following services and features:

  • SharePoint Development.
  • EPM Solutions - SharePoint and WSS.
  • SharePoint Enterprise Content Management.
  • SharePoint Collaboration
  • SharePoint Search
  • SharePoint Business process & Forms
  • SharePoint Portal Development
  • SharePoint Workflow Integration
  • SharePoint Sites Development and Management
  • Windows SharePoint Service 3.0
  • SharePoint Web Part Development



Microsoft Silverlight

Affiliate Network offers development services for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) based on Microsoft's New Silver light Technology. Our Silver light experts deliver Web applications that include rich content such as vector-based graphics, 2D animation, and audio and video Playback. Affiliate Network has developed its expertise and its core team to develop productive, engaging and interactive web applications and provide development services to clients who need their applications developed in Microsoft Silver light.

  • Collaboration solutions Business Process Automation
  • Multilingual Sites/ Content
  • Content Management/ Document Management
  • BI Solutions for MOSS platform
  • Web 2.0 solutions like team, Wiki and Blogs applications
  • Personalization and Content Targeting
  • Enterprise search
  • Reporting
  • Custom Implementation in SharePoint using Web Parts
  • Custom development for Site Definition, List Definition, Features, Field Control,Content Type.
  • Integration of other applications like BizTalk Server and Document


.Net BI Solution

Affiliate Network offer an Enterprise standard solution on Business Intelligence suite. Affiliate Network understands your organization standard and delivers you complete Business Intelligence solutions by eliminating redundant tools. By using Affiliate Network BI Solutions you can easily optimize corporate performance and pursue corporate initiatives with maximum coordination & visibility. Affiliate Network provides you following BI solutions:

  • Preparing ETL Solutions using SQL Server Integration Services.
  • Package development and scheduling in SQL server as jobs.
  • Designing data flow and control flow in SSIS.
  • Data Migration and work flow activities.
  • Filter, assort and examine data to be projected, email configuration in SSIS packages.
  • Customizable report generation for business requirements
  • Design and develop business-specific templates and reports
  • Features like matrix reporting, color-coding, font customization are also possible with multiple export options into Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, txt, PDF, HTML, XML and CSV format.
  • Development in .Net Business intelligence Studio in VS 2005/2008 that allow providing multiple scenarios, drill-down and rollover facilities
  • Dashboard design and Cube development for Analysis services.
  • Data Warehouse design and data mining solutions.
  • Web application development to display BI specific data like Cube, Reports and Dashboard using controls like Dundas.
  • Automated distribution of reports electronic
  • Various types of dashboard development like financial options for Profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow data, or sales dashboards, workforce analytics, status indicators, interactive charts.
  • Browser based reporting through SSRS.

mobile Technology

Iphone Apps

Mobile technology is a significant dimension in today’s technology world. As new developments are made in the mobile field we need expert hand so that we can take full advantage of this growing dimension. We have expert team of apps developer and with it we are able to deliver quality solutions to our clients.Mobile technology is a significant dimension in today’s technology world. As new developments are made in the mobile field we need expert hand so that we can take full advantage of this growing dimension. We have expert team of apps developer and with it we are able to deliver quality solutions to our clients.

IPhones application is one of the hottest technology domains in today’s world. Everyone wants to have an IPhone and many others using it. With such increase in number of iPhone users we must create apps dedicated to IPhones. Affiliate Network is having vast experience in iPhone apps development. From social media apps to m-commerce solution we can provide you the app you are looking for.  Try us once and we assure you that you will not look for other.

Android Apps

Mobile technology is a significant dimension in today’s technology world. As new developments are made in the mobile field we need expert hand so that we can take full advantage of this growing dimension. We have expert team of apps developer and with it we are able to deliver quality solutions to our clients.Mobile technology is a significant dimension in today’s technology world. As new developments are made in the mobile field we need expert hand so that we can take full advantage of this growing dimension. We have expert team of apps developer and with it we are able to deliver quality solutions to our clients.

Android market application is getting bigger day by day. Peoples are using android phones and hence its apps receive a great response. Affiliate network is having an experienced team of android application marker who are capable of producing excellent android apps.  We cover various android domains like android games, social android apps, wireless android apps etc. We are capable of providing you apps solutions you are looking for. 

Multimedia Services

Design Studio

Affiliate  Design Studio is an outsourcing custom software design and development company, specializedAffiliate design studio provides unique designing solution to our client which proves to be helpful in creating individual identity of our client. With our vast experience in various designing technology enables us to do new attractive addition to designing so that it will be remained in memory of the viewer. We work in all designing technology and hence produced projects in all designing domains. Our unique logo designing solutions help our clients in many ways. For brand building process our designs are apt.  We create designs on various tools such as flash, coral draw etc. We created 2d and 3d designs in past and presently we are working on the same.  Our designs contain everything that client needs and we love to create designs based on the needs of the clients. Before finalizing the design we present various options to our clients which give our clients a freedom to choose from options.

We are offering interactive web solutions in Multimedia Development:

3D Architectural Rendering

We use tools like 3D Max, V ray and Metal ray to generate 3D model architecture images which includes a high level of detail concerning geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting, and shading to create still and walk through renderings. Read more about 3D Architectural Rendering services

Flash Game Development

We have been helping our clients by developing interactive Flash games (single/multi- user), educational games, and other interactive multimedia presentations. Read more about Flash Game Development

Flash Presentation

A flash presentation is a good way to convey your thoughts. It helps to stimulate the senses and jolt at the emotions of an individual resulting into greater impact. We have professional experts in creating interactive quality presentations that really work. Read More about Flash Presentation services

2D & 3D Animation

We are providing 3D graphics, Model, character animation and logo animation solutions with our creative, technical and production capabilities. We have offered our services to Oil and Gas industry, Architects, Interior Designers, and Inventors for Prototypes, Medical, and Industrials etc. Read More about 2D & 3D Animation services

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Project Title:Online Franchise Management


Technology Used: PHP

Project Description
APEX INDIA is created by a group of likeminded individuals who are focused on Wealth Building Systems. These are people from all walks of life including marketing, academics, training, banking, finance, insurance, employees,....
Project Title:Online Dating


Technology Used: PHP

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Unlike most other online dating sites, which focus on casual dating and quick "hook-ups", caters to a community of singles looking for something serious and long-lasting.
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TeleSky Shopping Inc is part of the fast growing TeleSky Shopping Group (U.K and India), an online/television based retail network specializing in an assortment of Educational, Spiritual, Astrological, Health & Wellness....
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Technology Used: PHP

Project Description
Big brother africa is reality show in africa.This website provide the all news of that reality program and show time and all video are available in this website.
Project Title:Coblentz Jewellery


Technology Used: PHP

Project Description
This website offers you the chance to see new items as soon as they're available - even before Sam gets to see you! The added advantage of our website is the ability to show your customers the products without them....
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Technology Used: PHP

Project Description
Internet Leveraging and Marketing, LLC is a marketing and advertising company that offers a unique home business opportunity. Members are able to make money with ILM in several different ways. Please read through the site....
Project Title:Lesbonscommercants


Technology Used: PHP

Project Description is ecommerce concept website.where various product available for purchase.


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